About Us

We’ve created and follow the new way of high-quality projects releases

Zapal is dedicated to fostering effective communication, promoting synergistic teamwork and delivering the exceptional experience to our clients

Zapal believes in development being a continuous phenomenon. Each project is an opportunity for us to improve our knowledge and achieve a higher level of quality and style, delivering the best results to You

We prioritize customer's 

always striving to exceed your expectations

Minds of Zapal

Our main strengths are precision and openness. By providing access to our open-source code, we demonstrate a quality indicator to potential clients. It genuinely allows You to consider our services and easily assess the high standard of our projects

Zapal’s main asset lies in building a long-term partnership with each and every of our clients. Therefore, let me introduce the Team that believes in your ideas, and does everything to make them true on the highest level

Ron null photo


Chief Executive Officer, Bohdan's dog

Have a huge Hi from the CEO of Zapal, aka me. Maybe I’m not the one who codes or manages projects, but I’m definitely the most important piece of the Zapal's puzzle. As the CEO of the company, I make sure everyone stays motivated and engaged. Usually, I don’t work from the office (let’s be honest, I don't work at all, I’m a dog, obviously), most of the time I’m just sleeping or making Bohdan walk with me. Oh, and eating, for sure. Woof! 🐾

Bohdan Kucheriavyi photo

Bohdan Kucheriavyi

Founder, Chief Technology Officer

Hi there! I’m the founder and CTO of Zapal. Also, I’m the one feeding Ron, the one you’ve spoken to earlier. But, I’ve got additional responsibilities in the company, such as overseeing our technical strategy, to make sure we are delivering top-notch solutions to our clients, so we can keep Zapal at the forefront of the industry. I’m the one implementing the techniques to push the envelope and find new opportunities for growth and skill enhancement for our team. See you in the next call, discussing your future project!

Ivan Salata photo

Ivan Salata

Co-Founder, Chief Operating Officer

Catch one more Hi from the co-founder and COO of Zapal. Every day, I’m making sure that the work processes of the company run smoothly behind the scenes. Thanks to my job, our Team can focus on what we do best, aka creating out of limits web solutions for our clients. Honestly, I’m in love with sales and business development, so I’ve decided to manage this part for Zapal’s, too. Remember, our assets lie in long-term relationships built on trust and high quality project delivery. Well, I’m the one creating these strategies and building strong partnerships. Just schedule a meet with us, and Let's start unlocking your online presence!

Kristina Nadiryan photo

Kristina Nadiryan

Chief Business Development Officer

Hey, I'm Kris, the Chief Business Development Officer (CBDO) at Zapal! My dedication to nurturing robust relationships goes beyond mere duty – it's my true calling! Within my role at Zapal, I am entrusted with the thrilling mission of catalyzing business growth and charting uncharted territories. My relentless pursuit involves identifying strategic partnerships that can catapult us to unprecedented heights and uncovering fresh opportunities aligned with our visionary objectives. Our unwavering commitment to consistently delivering remarkable outcomes underscores our goal of making a lasting imprint on the industry. Come, be part of this exhilarating journey toward excellence, where teamwork, innovation, and enduring partnerships form the bedrock of our triumphs!

Oleksandra Vykhor photo

Oleksandra Vykhor

Art Producer, Brand designer

Greetings and salutations! I'm pleased to introduce you Zapal's Art Director— myself. Every day, I'm here for our clients and partners (which I assume includes YOU), ensuring visual communication and brand consistency. I'm ultimately responsible for all design, and artwork productions in our team. Just as a reminder, one of Zapal’s core values is "Striving for Excellence", and as the head of our creative department, I strive to maintain the highest level of design quality. Looking forward to meeting you in our "Let's talk" section and planning our exceptional new designs and brand strategies together.

Services we provide


Web apps development

Websites create numerous opportunities for businesses, allowing the productive service delivery, effective process management, and the ability to attract and engage customers efficiently. Moreover, websites eliminate the need for platform-specific installations or streamlining operations, all while enhancing the user experience.


Mobile apps development

Our custom-designed solutions enhance user engagement, drive customer loyalty, and fuel business growth across iOS, Android, and other cross-platform environments.


Technical audit

Conducting a technical audit ensures optimal performance, enhanced visibility in search engines, and improved overall user engagement, ultimately leading to increased conversions and business success.


DevOps services

By implementing DevOps practices, clients can significantly accelerate product release cycles, improve efficiency, and enhance overall software quality.


UI/UX Design

A well-executed UI/UX design not only enhances user engagement, but also boosts brand perception, customer retention, and overall business success in the digital landscape.


Quality Assurance services

By implementing rigorous QA processes, businesses can identify and resolve issues at the early stage of the development lifecycle, minimize potential risks, enhance customers’ satisfaction, and ultimately safeguard their reputation in the market.


IT Consulting

IT consultants help businesses to optimize their technology infrastructure, align IT strategies with company objectives, and address challenges, related to digital transformation, cybersecurity, and software development.


Security audit

By conducting a security audit, businesses can proactively address risks, maintain compliance with both industry regulations and standards, additionally bolstering customers’ trust. Ultimately, security audits contribute to the overall stability and resilience of the organization, safeguarding it against potential cyber threats and costly breaches.

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