About Us

We focused on delivering high-quality services and results to clients

Our team of experts comprises highly qualified professionals with extensive experience in IT project management and software development

We are passionate about providing the best service to our clients, from the initial consultation until the successful completion of the project

We prioritize customer 

always strive to exceed expectations

Minds of Zapal

Our team is friendly and reliable, providing a supportive and responsive working environment allowing us to solve complex problems quickly and efficiently

With Zapal, you can be sure of an engaging and productive relationship, as well as an end product of the highest standards

Bohdan Kucheriavyi photo

Bohdan Kucheriavyi

Founder, CTO

I am the founder and CTO of Zapal. My main responsibility is overseeing our technical strategy to make sure we are delivering top-notch solutions to our clients, so we can keep Zapal at the forefront of the industry by pushing the envelope and finding new opportunities for growth.

Ivan Salata photo

Ivan Salata

Co-Founder, COO

Hi, I'm a co-founder and COO at Zapal. My job is all about making sure that everything runs smoothly behind the scenes so that our team can focus on what they do best - creating amazing web solutions for our clients. But my role goes beyond just coordinating our projects and ensuring everyone is working together effectively. I am also responsible for sales and business development, and I love building genuine and long-term relationships with our clients and finding ways to help them achieve their goals.

Ron  photo


CEO, Bohdan's dog

I might not be able to code or manage projects, but I'm definitely the most important member of the team. As the CEO, it's my job to make sure everyone stays happy and motivated. I usually don't work from the office (I don't work at all, I'm a dog), usually I'm just sleep or walk with Bohdan.

services we provide


Web apps development

Web apps provide businesses with the opportunity to deliver services, manage processes, and engage customers more effectively, without the need for platform-specific installations, streamlining operations and enhancing the user experience.


Mobile apps development

Our custom-designed solutions enhance user engagement, drive customer loyalty, and fuel business growth across iOS, Android, and cross-platform environments.


Technical audit

Conducting a technical audit ensures optimal performance, enhanced visibility in search engines, and improved overall user engagement, ultimately leading to increased conversions and business success.


DevOps services

By implementing DevOps practices, clients can significantly accelerate product release cycles, improve efficiency, and enhance overall software quality.


UI/UX Design

A well-executed UI/UX design not only enhances user engagement but also boosts brand perception, customer retention, and overall business success in the digital landscape.


Quality Assurance services

By implementing rigorous QA processes, businesses can identify and resolve issues early in the development lifecycle, minimize potential risks, enhance customer satisfaction, and ultimately, safeguard their reputation in the market.


IT Consulting

IT consultants help businesses optimize their technology infrastructure, align IT strategies with business objectives, and address challenges related to digital transformation, cybersecurity, and software development.


Security audit

By conducting a security audit, businesses can proactively address risks, maintain compliance with industry regulations and standards, and bolster customer trust. Ultimately, security audits contribute to the overall stability and resilience of an organization, safeguarding it against potential cyber threats and costly breaches.

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