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The Chain-Agnostic Token standard. Enabling tokens & NFTs to be native and compatible across different blockchains.




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Blockchain, Web3

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Web development, UI/UX Design, Copywriting


React, Apollo GraphQL, React Router, Web3.js, Helmet.js, Payload CMS, Amazon S3, Amazon CloudFront, Sentry, New Relic, GA4

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Let's introduce you our star of minimalistic by design, but maximalist with technologies usage, Nexa case. Long story short: Nexa is a cross-chain interoperability protocol that makes tokens and NFTs truly chain-agnostic. Zapal was enlisted to help publicize Nexa's idea to a wider audience. Thus, we chose to create an engaging website to showcase Nexa's application. The website needed to provide a clear and straightforward description of the app's ideas, functions, and utilities.

Our team's objective was to highlight the uniqueness of this specific app and how it stands out from others, especially with its new concept of CAT  — meaning the chain-agnostic token. Moreover, our Nexa partners wanted the website to be highly informative, detailing all the technologies, chains, and token intricacies, demonstrating how this particular app optimally addresses the client's needs.
For this, we’ve been using the best operating technologies available & we’re ready to showcase you this success!

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Design peculiarities

The design of the webpages was created by Zapal's specialists to showcase Nexa's token within the best side. We can assure you that the minimalistic design of the website is focused on a minimal use of colours and decorative elements. Our designers have highlighted the simplicity of forms and clean lines, to keep the website technological, user-friendly & aesthetic. Our goal was to create a modern, elegant design, with a clear and concise presentation of information and a streamlined interface.

Yeah, as you may see down below – we did it!

Tech choice

As you may have seen above, we’ve listed a lot of technologies used for Nexa’s case. Our team used the complex of technologies for this project, thus, it’s better to say we had the whole stack of technologies. And now Zapal is ready to share with you our choices, answer your “why’s” for picking them, and let’s just see what’s in here.

Firstly, we’ll mention what helped us to build a high-quality of the website without bugs & within the clean code. Sentry — was definitely the right choice. This issue tracker helped us to check whether there are any bugs appearing on all the types of devises & within different interactions with the web.

As for the framework — we chose React. As this one is the fast, lightweight & well-rendering framework. Our developers also used Styled Components to building custom components in React.

For Nexa's project, we’ve accomplished a fundamental analytical work. Zapal integrated Google Tech manager & Google Analytics for our client. Additionally, we connected the end-to-end analytics system to Nexa’s website. It works like this: we synchronized Google Analytics with all the other analytics systems & after that we collect all that data on one page that is for Nexa’s internal usage, for sure. As for hosting all the data — we selected Amazon S3 & Amazon Cloud Front.

Our team decided to use the technology that our client is using for other services — & yes, that's about Amazon Web Services. Thus, we hosted the whole code on this platform.

Ether. The open source library we used for the interaction with the Ethereum blockchain & its ecosystem. This was essential for Nexa's token, as it's built on the Blockchain network ERS-20 Ethereum.

Value delivered

Now, how did Zapal ensure that both you and the entire CAT community understood the power of Nexa? Well, it wasn't simple, still our team flawlessly and expertly crafted a unique selling website. Zapal's team created a captivating website that attracts more than 9,000 clients each month, helping them discover Nexa. The website has been operational for 3 months, bringing in dozens of clients daily for Nexa and aiding the company in establishing long-term partnerships. Zapal provided end-to-end development for Nexa. From shaping the company's identity, our team also designed the website and managed all the copywriting for the project, employing top-tier sales techniques for future engagement. We handled both the deployment and QA testing. As you might have observed, the website operates seamlessly without any glitches or issues.

& Just like that, we’ve reached success.

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