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The Future of Private Equity is Digital. Realio Network is eliminating the barriers to invest-in, trade, and leverage exclusive real estate, private equity, & other real-world assets through DeFi



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Web3, Blockchain

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Web development, UI/UX Design, Copywriting


React, Ethplorer API, SCSS, Payload CMS, MongoDB

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Let's show you our triumph with Realio Network. But first, who are RIO and Realio?
To cut to the chase, RIO is a cryptocurrency and utility token for the Realio Network and platform.

Realio sought an electrifying website to showcase their app, designed to enable customers to buy, sell, and develop land parcels in major cities across a virtual earth. Our dedicated team was more than passionate to create it  & to help such a distinguishing company to showcase.

Additionally, Realio entrusted Zapal with the construction of a customized admin panel for their internal use. While we were into creating the web, the client also identified the need of a crypto wallet integration for their users. No doubts, Zapal was eager to assist Realio in this endeavour.

That was a plan & even more features mentioned in the case down below. Now we're ready to show you what we've accomplished.*As always, at the pinnacle of quality, with Zapal*
Ready? Steady. Go!

realio logo

Specific features integration

The innovative vision of the Realio team was into creating the distinguishing items on their web. These are the Live representation of their Rio token’s price. Also, we’ve added the Market Capitalization indicator into the Header of the page.
Additionally, you may see the 24 hours volume change we’ve added straightly on the right & the number of the Rio token accounts holders. Which as you is already 13k!

realio specific feature integration screenshot
realio wallen feature screenshot

Crypto wallet integration

Realio Network has chosen the MetaMask as the integration of the cryptocurrency wallet. Our team absolutely supported this idea, specially with the decision to pick MetaMask, as it is literally the simplest yet most secure way to connect to blockchain-based applications.

We've implemented that feature & opened the door of connection of the user's crypto wallet to the Rio token.

Thus, now you may see the specific button of adding the network to the wallet right through the Rio Network's web page.

Tech choice

Let's start with our “why” of selecting React as main technology. Foremost, this tech is the perfect choice for Realio Network case as it is suitable for both huge and small systems.

While React uses virtual document object model, all the changes happening run in React directly. Thus, the updates of the page structure occurred are very optimized. As the changes firstly happen in the virtual environment of the document object model and only after the numerous optimizations it transfers onto the page that the user sees.
With that we may conclude, that to changes the web we need a piece and not a ton of time. As well as the pro is that we can host such a website anywhere, as it is easy and lightweight to the limits.

Speaking off of the CMS. Payload CMS.

The same way as React, this CMS allows Realio to host anywhere and gave independency off of the hosting provider. It's also developed on React.
Additionally, Payload got a very clear & simple interface for even the most inexperienced users. One more cookie of the Payload — it can work in the serverless environment. Thus, Realio Network is free of monthly payments for their admin panel.
Oh, and Payload’s data also are kept in the database MongoDB which is a huge plus for Realio Network. MongoDB is a vivid example of non-relational (NoSQL) databases. Among the drawbacks is the need for manual data validation; however, it is much faster and lighter than most relational databases. MongoDB has a compatible syntax with popular programming languages such as JavaScript and TypeScript, on which a significant part of the web is based.

Value delivered

As usually, Zapal's team swiftly achieved the set goal. Our specialists were excited to develop the showcase known as Realio Network, as you have observed in this case. We prioritized creating compelling content to attract as many potential clients for Rialto as possible. Right now, its distinct features have already attracted over 10k app users. Meanwhile, every day is a pleasure for Realio's employees working with the content management system created by our team.

As you may notice, everything was executed at the highest level, achieving Zapal's standard of excellence.

& Just like that, we’ve reached success.

realio network footer screenshot

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