Voice of Romni

Helping women and children from the Roma community affected by the war. Supporting women to become economically empowered and children gain access to education, therapy, and speech therapy.

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Time frame

2023 - 2024



Project type

Web development


Web development, UI/UX Design


React, Next.js, SCSS, Payload CMS, MongoDB

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Working for the women rights protection and more…

Voice of Romni is a public organization that helps women and children from the Romani community affected by the war. They actively support and promote gender equality, strongly oppose any form of violence, especially gender-based violence. Moreover, Voice of Romni provide support to victims of violence and work for their psychological and legal protection.
They also help women become economically empowered and children gain access to education, therapy, and speech therapy. Which creates an enormously huge impact on women rights protection and their support, especially during the full-scale invasion in Ukraine.
Their safe spaces for women and children called "Place of strength", they work primarily in the frontline areas, and generally operate in several other cities of Ukraine.

As you can see this is the socially-important organization making impact, making changes, helping and fighting for our better states of women rights. We in Zapal were honored and glad to commit to their great mission.

Voice of Romni red logo

Design specifics

First of all, we were about to create the maximum in the minimum. The maximum usability with minimum elements not to overwhelm the website. We also were relying on component-based design approach. As you might already know, component-based architecture has been replacing monolithic architecture. And our team supports this strategy as well. As well as, the component-based design’s modules can be easily maintained and scaled without adjustments.

Moreover, we’ve used the same technique of a component-base in development as well. Yeah, you got it right, we created components for our clients, which can be used by their website content managers in any way they want. If they want to duplicate the same block on different pages — they’re more than easy to do it.

Voice of Romni header

As our client wanted to be able to add new pages to the website (which obviously would be shown in header), so we needed the best solution. To combine creativity of design and accessibility. Thus, you may see now our island header.  By adding the animation, we turned our header into the great interactive element of the website.
There was actually an issue with the client’s logo, which was a bit too overwhelming for the webpage. Thus, we decided to use the full logo on the header and just the text logo for the footer. This way we remained the space on the website, while keeping the client’s branding needs fulfilled.

Voice of Romni Footer

Well, we've done a great UI and UX work within our design. Our focus was to create an accessible, user-friendly and clear design targeting to different audience: from partners to people in need of help. And we succeeded in that. Let’s now move onto our tech choices and share more on that huge and captivating topic.

Our Tech choice

Hope you’ve got no shock of us again coding on TypeScript, Next.js, and using Payload as a CMS.

Firstly, we’ll mention what helped us to build a high-quality of the website without bugs & within the clean code. Sentry — was definitely the right choice. This issue tracker helped us to check whether there are any bugs appearing on all the types of devises & within different interactions with the web.

As for the framework — we chose React. As this one is the fast, lightweight & well-rendering framework. Our developers also used Styled Components to building custom components in React.

We also used the Framer motion library, which helped us render animations on the client’s website. We should also mention that using Framer motion in combination with the React Lenis library allowed us to create smooth scrolling of pages with a soft display.

Content management system, or why did we choose Payload, again.

Right, again we’ve picked this CMS. The same way as React, this CMS allows Voice of Romni to host anywhere and gave independency off of the hosting provider. It's also developed on React.

Additionally, Payload got a very clear & simple interface for even the most inexperienced users. One more cookie of the Payload — it can work in the serverless environment. Thus, Voice of Romni are free of monthly payments for their admin panel.

How did we improve SEO

When we’re working with the cases, where we develop the new website, and the client has already had their website in the past — we’re always keeping our eye on SEO. As we totally understand the importance of the businesses or organizations, remain their previous ads campaigns results & SEO accomplishments on the new website as well.

For Voice of Romni we did even more — we improved their SEO with our technical SEO commits. You got it right — technical SEO is a must, when our team creates any website. We include this part of the final fully-operating website straight as our main strategy. Thus, we keep all client’s previous results & help to make their website’s SEO even better.

Socially important projects as one of our focus partnerships

You might have already noticed that it's not our first socially-important collaboration. Yeah, you're totally right, it's all because we're interested in helping the projects that make impact.

We are deeply committed to leveraging our expertise in technology to make a meaningful difference in society. We believe that as an IT company, we feel like we have a responsibility to contribute positively to the world around us. That's why our team actively seeks out and participate in projects that address pressing social issues.
We believe in using our resources and expertise to address societal challenges, foster inclusivity, and promote social justice.

It's also important to mention that we don't just create the projects and say goodbyes. We're always glad to support our partners further on, as we believe in long-term partnerships working the best.

Zapal is especially committed to Ukrainian projects, or those related to support Ukraine, spread Ukrainian culture & history. And a secret to tell, one more socially essential project is coming soon...
Trust us, you'll be shocked, in a good way!

We are dedicated to making a difference, one project at a time, and we invite you to follow us on this journey. Don't skip, we're creating lots of special & meaningful.

See you in our next project!

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