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About 8 years ago, the russian army had occupied Crimea and Donbas, immersing Ukraine in a state of war. But putin never admitted his soldiers were involved. Until the 24th of February, 2022. That day a week ago, almost immediately after putin announced war against Ukraine, the first bombardments in Kyiv, Kharkiv, Odesa, and Donbas began.

In Ukraine and even across Europe, we have entered unprecedented times. Who could have imagined that a full-scale war involving massive bombardments and shellings of towns with millions of residents would take place in the 21st century?

We are writing this article on 3rd March, the 8th day of Ukraine’s resistance. Even now, the russian army is bombarding our cities and villages, shelling our schools, universities, and hospitals, and killing hundreds of people, including children. Still, Ukrainians do everything in their power and even more to get the russian occupiers out of their lands.

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What About Zapal

Currently, the safety of our employees is our highest priority at Zapal. The majority of our employees live in the west of Ukraine, where the situation is relatively safe compared to other parts. Most of the employees who lived in areas where regular and large-scale shillings and bombardments were occurring have relocated to the west of Ukraine or abroad.

Zapal keeps on working with our clients and continues to operate. It is important to us that all clients express support and understanding. We value our partnerships greatly.

But still, the war continues, so we, as a company, and each employee contribute to defeating enemy forces in the following ways:

volunteer work

dissemination of credible


purchase of humanitarian

military goods

creation of content

donations, etc.

We know: many foreigners are also wondering how they can help. So we prepared six ways you can assist Ukraine at this challenging time. Our resistance will be even stronger with your support.


Ukrainian state and charity accounts are now open for foreigners to make donations. All of the organizations we are going to talk about are credible. In our article, we have included reliable links. If you search for these charities and organizations yourself, please, double-check all websites, links, and account information. russia’s war against Ukraine is hybrid, so there are many phishing sites and resources designed to mislead donors.

Ukraine-Based Charity Organizations

National Bank of Ukraine

On the 24th of February, 2022, the National Bank of Ukraine opened fundraising accounts to help Ukrainians resist war. People from the whole world can send money to those accounts to support the army and people who suffer from war consequences.

These accounts accept multiple currencies. They have been established and opened to receive transfers from international partners and donors in both foreign currency (U.S. dollars, euros, UK pounds) and hryvnias.

NGO Come Back Alive

Donate from abroad via

Serhiy Prytula’s foundations

Serhiy Prytula is a Ukrainian TV presenter and public figure. Since the beginning of the russian-Ukrainian war in 2014, he has been actively volunteering to provide military aid to Ukrainian Armed Forces and humanitarian and financial assistance to children with cancer.

There are two Prytula’s funds that you can support right now:

Army SOS

They need help finding, purchasing, and delivering the required high-priority items to Poland-Ukraine borders.


Voices of Children

Ukraine Crisis Media Center

Foreign charity organizations

Help Us Help

With Ukraine

Leleka Foundation


russia uses disinformation not only against the Ukrainian people but also to influence world opinion. Their bots, troll farms, and fakes were even more active during this hybrid war than usual. This means you should always double-check anything you read.

Foreign media may cover only the main points without going into any details or may not cover everything as fast as the information appears in Ukraine.

For credible first-hand information about Ukraine, please visit the official websites of Ukrainian authorities, or check with a reliable news source. Examples of credible sources in English or with English translations include:

Official Twitter page of Volodymyr Zelenskyy, the President of Ukraine

Official Facebook page of Valerii Zaluzhnyi, the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

Official Facebook page of General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

Official Facebook page of Ukraine’s Ministry of Defence

Official Telegram channel of Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine (Ukraine’s Parliament)

Twitter of Suspline News, the national public broadcaster in Ukraine

Instagram and Twitter accounts of independent meMilitarnyi (Twitter account and website)dia Svidomi

Militarnyi (Twitter account and website)

The Kyiv Independent

Ukrayinska Pravda

Ukrainian Toronto Television

You spreading information from these sources could help more people understand what is actually happening in Ukraine from point of view of our citizens.


We have already greatly benefited from the assistance your countries have already provided us in resisting russian aggression. Military and financial aid help Ukraine become stronger, increasing its resistance to russian aggression. The sanctions affect the economy of russia, making it harder and harder to allocate funds for their occupying army at the expense of the russian people’s wellbeing.


Supporting russian businesses means supporting the russian regime. By collaborating with their market players, businesses are investing in numerous war crimes that are occurring now. So we encourage everyone to:

A number of global businesses have already realized this (just to name a few)

It will be impossible for russia to finance a war if we isolate its economy from the outside world. In addition, the russian society may finally protest and overthrow the dictatorship. If not for the many lost lives of Ukrainians, then at least for their own comfort.


As we weaken the russian economy, we need to strengthen the Ukrainian economy as well. The effects of war will be felt in every area of the lives of Ukrainians. The situation may worsen if foreign companies and partners stop collaborating with our companies.

Ukraine has been going through a war of a smaller scale for eight years, so most of its companies are prepared to deal with this scenario. Plans have been made to continue operations during wartime, relocate staff, increase security, etc. So continue working with Ukrainian companies. This is the best source of support you can provide.

During these hard times, we are truly grateful to our clients for keeping their partnership with us. Let’s hope others follow your example.


The constant shelling and bombardment of Ukraine’s cities and villages caused many people to flee their homes. Some went to the west of the country. Others sought refuge in Europe.

Many of these people have left all of their belongings behind and need assistance finding a place to live, a job, and receiving financial aid for the first time. Provide them with this assistance.

Get in touch with your local authorities or the Ukrainian embassy to find out how and where you can help Ukrainian refugees in your country or city.


Our sincere appreciation goes to all the countries, companies, organizations, and individuals from abroad who supported us with sanctions against russia, military and humanitarian aid, donations, and peaceful protests. Every single action matters and will make a difference!

Ukraine’s resistance and unity proved to the world, and even to putin himself, that Ukraine has a powerful army, courageous people, and a strong will for freedom. Freedom is what we value most. And we will fight for it relentlessly.

We need your help in this battle. Sovereignty, wellbeing, and even the very existence of our nation are at stake.